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GODLY HEARTS HOME HEALTH CARE AGENCY is an Equal Opportunity Employer and prohibits discrimination of any kind because of color, creed, national origin, sex, religion, handicap, marital status, communicable diseases, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age (unless age is a factor necessary for the normal operation or achievement objectives), pregnancy (unless the performance of duties puts the client and/or employee at risk) and/or other characteristics protected by law. 


Step 1: Phone Interview

Before we meet with prospective caregivers, we conduct a phone interview. How the caregiver communicates verbally is an important early indicator of whether he or she is the right fit for us.

Step 2: Application Review

Experience is the best teacher. We want only the best people on our team, so we review each prospective caregiver’s work history to ensure they meet our strict standards, including a minimum of two to five years of private home care experience and documented completion of state-required training certifications and needed.

Step 3: Face-to-Face Interview

We personally meet with and interview every applicant. During this crucial screening step, we consider communication skills, presentation and experience. We also assess and record personality traits to ensure a perfect caregiver-to-client match. All caregivers must demonstrate a compassionate heart and a verifiable, consistent history of dependability at work

Step 4: Experience Validation

Home-care-specific references are verified. What past clients, former colleagues and friends have to say about the caregiver is very important to us. A minimum of three industry-specific and three personal references are required and must be substantiated with 100-percent satisfaction.

Step 5: Skills Assessment

The prospective care giver must pass a comprehensive home-care-specific exam with a minimum correct score of 80 percent. We test for knowledge, an understanding of skills associated with home care, child care and the aging process, and appropriate cognitive reasoning skills.

Step 6: Background Check and Screenings

For all caregiver applicants, We performs Social Security validation; DMV checks; drug screenings; and criminal checks at the federal, state and county level and care giving registry search.

Step 7: Orientation and Continuing Education

Once all the prior requirements have been met, our caregivers take part in our specialized caregiver orientation. This includes an introduction to our culture, and a review of state requirements and national standards regarding policy and procedures. In addition to courses on safety in the home and understanding and honoring client rights, ongoing home care continuing-education modules are made available at no cost to every caregiver. And finally take a personal y test.

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